Hawley House History

Hawley House was built as a substantial country residence in c.1878, by a retired Indian Army officer, Major Dumbleton, and named after the Dumbleton family home in 'Hawley House' in Aldershot, England (below).

The ensuing 70 years were marked by general neglect and decay. Were it not for the foresight of Colonel Houghton, another Indian Army Officer, it would no longer stand today. In 1948, Colonel and Mrs Houghton fell under the charm of the unloved old house and its spectacular setting, purchased the property and brought it back to life. Until 1989, Hawley remained the Houghton family private residence, when a new new chapter of her history began, focusing on hospitality and vineyards.

Hawley House UK

The house now rejoices in good company, good food and good wine and revels in the luxury of musicians, artists and writers. She employs her own staff and carers, makes sure her fires are lit, insists on being painted and restored and her future has never looked so prosperous and secure. However, she still enjoys the warmth and love which come from being a family home.